If all of this was this hard for everyone, than please, help me figure it out. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand why I am this way. I don’t understand why I can’t say what I’m thinking or why I can’t even think sometimes when I need to. I truely believe I’ll be alone forever. I know it’s dramatic and a cliche thought of an over-emotional teenage bitch, but it litterally can’t add up. I can’t even communicate. Even when I do and think things are going well, it just somehow isn’t on the other end. My life and future is destined to stay completely consistant. Oh, and fuck being positive and not giving up. I give up. Shit never works out. I will die exactly the same as when I was born. A small and hopeless child. Okay, maybe that was a little over dramatic. Really though, how do I do this.